Tattoos are a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes, and/or pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin. The art of making tattoos is tattooing.

Tattoos fall into three broad categories: purely decorative (with no specific meaning); symbolic (with a specific meaning pertinent to the wearer); and pictorial (a depiction of a specific person or item). 


the 33 lanzarote tattoo

Can be found on Avenida de las Islas Canarias 3, Costa Teguise

Tel+34 666 12 22 41

Lanzarote Tattoo Laser

Can be found on Calle Almirante Boado Eneiza, 5, Arrecife

Tel +34 659 50 12 05

Can be found on Calle Santander 8, Arrecife

Tel+34 607 95 23 98


Can be found on Calle Pedro Barba 15, Puerto del Carmen.

Tel+34 626048514

Can be found on Calle Anzuelo 6, Puerto del Carmen.

Tel+34 928 841 374

Wild Hand Tattoo

Can be found Calle Luis Morote, 7, Arrecife

Tel+34 679764197

Por Siempre Tattoo Art & Design

Can be found on Calle Cesar Manrique, 37, San Bartolome

sangre x amor

Can be found on Calle Tirso de Molina, 6, Charco de San Ginés, Arrecife.

Tel: +34 632894932

Tel: +34 602166643

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