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About Lanzarote-UK – Lanzarote UK was started back in 2000 following on from the success of its sister site Tenerife UK. Tenerife UK was set up when the internet was at its infancy. It allowed businesses to have their own webpage for a small fee.

Lanzarote UK and Tenerife UK were not set up as an advertising website it was intended to be an information website that contained useful information for the English speaking visitor to the islands.

This remains today, unfortunately Tenerife UK  is no longer available, but Lanzarote is still going strong.

There are no paid adverts on this site, no annoying popups, and we don’t track your activity. No email addresses are required to navigate this site its just purely an information website.

Learn Something Every Day

Never a day goes by without learning something new, this island is changing all the time, we try to keep on top of this but its not always possible.

Paul Richardson
Our Vision

Who We Are

"Get to know the Island before you arrive."

Lanzarote UK will help you get off on the right foot to fully enjoy your visit to this beautiful island.

Having worked in the travel business for some 35 years I have gained quite a bit of knowledge and a good insight as to what the traveler wants and expects. Having worked for Cosmos Holidays for over 10 years abroad I was fortunate to have worked is some very demanding areas with some very demanding people.

We have created this website to help the future or current visitor to Lanzarote make the most out of their stay and make their visit an enjoyable one. This is totally an impartial website, not sponsored pages, no paid for opinions,  just an impartial opinion.

The information contained above is accurate at the time of uploading should ammendments need to take place, then this will be carried out on the next upload.

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