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Lanzarote is the most easterly of the Canary Islands and lies just 70 miles off the coast of Saharan Africa. Creating an enviable year round climate that is characterized by extremely low rainfall (on average just 9mm per month) and temperatures that rarely fall below 20c-even in the winter months.

Today, Lanzarote is best known as the Island of Fire, as a result of the world’s longest ever volcanic eruption -lasting six years from 1730. Which covered around one quarter of the island in a layer of lava that today gives parts of Lanzarote the almost primeval appearance of a land just formed -and which is often likened to the surface of the moon.

For such a small island Lanzarote is big on attractions. Offering visitors much more than just beautiful beaches and volcanic vistas alone. Thanks in no small part to the efforts of the island born artist and architect Cesar Manrique. Who not only fought to save Lanzarote from the sort of over-development that has blighted other sunspots. But who also created some of the most unique tourist attractions imaginable-such as the Jameos Del Agua and the Mirador Del Rio.

As a result Lanzarote was declared a UNESCO protected biosphere in 1994. The first island in the world to enjoy such status.

Lanzarote also boasts enormous natural beauty and great contrasts in scenery. From the and lava fields and spent cones of the Timanfaya National Park in the South of the island, through to the green and verdant Valley of a Thousand Palms in the North. And as the island is so manageably small it is easy to hire a car and discover Lanzarote’s many delights.

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The islands is a very diverse islands with a lush countryside in the North to a burnt and barren lava trails in the South. Learn more about this beautiful island.

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Here you can find a wealth of information all about the Island, where to go, what to see and what is in the Canarian dishes

Lanzarote Beaches

Lanzarote has a wealth of beaches, some golden sand, some black sand and others just pebbles, but whatever your fancy there may be one near you.


Lanzarote's variety of accomodation is extensive to say the least, from hotels to apartments, from private villas to rural houses.

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Castillo de San Jose

Lanzarote - Historical Values

Being an island, Lanzarote was prone to invasions from the sea, so the island has many old forts and defenses which still standing  and nowadays they have been converted into museums.

Learn About Cesar Manrique

The impact of César’s philosophy was definitive with the declaration of Lanzarote as World Reserve of the Biosphere by the UNESCO in 1993, a year after the death of the artist.

Cesar Manrique Lanzarote
Castillo de San Jose


Lanzarote isn't all about sun and beaches. There are some very interesting sites to be seen...

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Its Hotter Than You Think

The volcanic action has been the principal cause for geological formation in Lanzarote, that has its origin about nineteen million years ago and makes it the oldest island of the Canary Archipelago.