Caritas De Lanzarote - Centro de Acogida

A place for the homeless. Calle La Palma No 12 Arercife. – Telephone 928 80 59 37. – Any donations are always welcome. Old clothes that were going to be thrown give them a call, they will even collect!!

Caritas De Lanzarote - Comedores Sociales(Dining Outlet)

A place where the needed ones can have a something to eat. Calle Manuel Miranda No 3, Arrecife – Telephone 928 81 61 07

Fundacion Canaria Flora Acoge -

Calle La Palma 12, Arrecife Telephone 928 80 59 37


The Association for the Protection of Animals and Plants “SARA” started in 1986, thanks to a group of people concerned about the situation of the animals on our island: animal abuse is not prosecuted or punished by the law, cats reproduce uncontrollably , stray dogs, many of them wounded, animals hit by cars on the roads, the keeping of animal in inadequate conditions and systematic killing in kennels
All volunteers welcome to take the dogs for daily walks.
Can be found in Tahiche on Ctra. Tahiche – S. Bartolome s/n. Tel +34 928 17 34 17

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