Lanzarote’s beaches invite the visitor to enjoy the sea that laps the island’s shores, particularly since the average annual water temperature is around 19.5º C.

The sea surrounding Lanzarote, generally calm and welcoming, can be enjoyed from the numerous beaches that are scattered along the coastline. Apart from the well-known pleasures of sun and sand, the water also offers fantastic opportunities for the enjoyment of water sports and boat trips, due to the excellent weather conditions present all year round, the long hours of sunshine and the warm average temperature of the sea water.

Costa Teguise Beaches

Costa Teguise

To the north-west of ARRECIFE is the stretch of coast known as COSTA TEGUISE, one of the islands most important concentrations of tourist installations.

Costa Teguise

Playa La Cucharas

Fine golden sand and calm water although can be windy. One of the best beaches for windsurfing. Can be busy.

Playa El Jablillo
In front of the Teguise Playa hotel this golden sandy beach with its calm waters is appropiate for families, can get busy
Playa Bastian

Fine golden sandy with calm waters and not very windy.

Playa Las Caletas

Small white sandy and picon (volcanic ash) beach with calm waters on the edge of Costa Teguise.


Playa El Reducto

The main beach in Arrecife. Golden sand and calm clear waters no wind. Can be busy in summer as competitions are held here.

Playa Honda

Playa Honda

Long goldensandy beach that stretches for miles, clear calm waters and is family safe. Parking available.

Playa Guacimeta

Playa de Guasimeta is a long sandy beach that runs parallel to the runway of Lanzarote airport.

Puerto del Carmen

From ARRECIFE southwards are twenty kilometres of low-lying coast with the islands most beautiful and inviting beaches.

Puerto del Carmen

Playa Matagorda

Long and narrow golden sand beach with calm waters and can get busy, its appropiate for families

Playa de Los Pocillos

Long golden sandy beach with calm waters not very windy and has access for disabled users also appropiate for families

Playa Grande

The main beach in Puerto del Carmen, golden sand and calm water, can be windy and also gets busy. Appropiate for families.

Playa Chica

As the name suggests, “Playa Chica – Small Beach” this small golden sandy beach in front of the Fariones hotel has calm waters and is popular with divers.

Playa Blanca

The southern tip of the island is Playa Blanca, one of Lanzarote’s finest tourist areas.

Playa Blanca - The South

Playa Quemada

This is a small pebble beach with calm waters and is appropiate for families.

Playa Dorada

Situated in front of the Princesa Yaiza Hotel, this fine white sandy beach with its calm waters is very popular with families. Watersports available.

Playa Flamingo

White sandy beach with calm waters and popular with families.

Playa Blanca

This is the main beach in Playa Blanca town, fine white sand beach with calm waters. Good for diving and popular with families.

Playa Papagayo

The most famous string of beaches on Lanzarote, fine white sandy beaches, calm waters safe for families also good for diving, swimming and snorkelling.

West Coast - North & La Graciosa

The Island’s North and West coast have some very secluded beaches, caution must be taken as the waters can be dangerous. La Graciosa island has beaches for all tastes.

West Coast

Playa Bajo El Risco

One of least accessible beaches with golden sand and can be windy.

Playa Janubio

Black sandy beach in front of the Salinas (salt plaines), water can be rough and swimming can be dangerous.

Playa El Paso

Small black sandy with strong currents very hard to get to. Off the beaten track

Playa Las Malvas

Black sandy beach with strong sea currents off the beaten track. Good for fishing, not suitable for families.

Playa de Famara

One of Lanzarotes longest beaches, fine golden sand, strong sea currents and can be quite windy. A popular beach for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Not suitable for familes.

North Coast

Playa del Caleton Blanco

White sandy beach and quite rocky. Can be windy and sea is quite calm. Suitable for families .

Playa La Garita

Arieta – Wide sandy beach with calm waters. Can be busy and is suitable for families.

Playa La Canteria

Orzola – Wide sandy beach with strong sea current great for surfing but not suitable for families

La Graciosa

Playa de Las Conchas

Golden sandy beach on the northern side of the island.

Playa de la Francesa

Small golden sandy beach on the south side of the island.

Playa de Caleta del Sebo

Golden sandy bay on the south west side of the island.

Playa de la Cocina

Small golden sandy beach in the main town on La Graciosa. Close proximity to the ferry port.

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