With the passing time Lanzarote has been left with some very unique and interesting features. It would be a shame not see these magnificant features that makes Lanzarote so unique!


Many travel agents offer a wide selection of excursions, also available from the hotel reception and of course not forgetting the holiday representative.

If you are not too sure about driving yourself then let somebody else do it for you and they can also giving you more of an insight to the island you are holidaying on!!

The excursions below are a guide as to the itinerary, however these may change, always check at the time of booking.

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic many of the Excursions have been forced to make alterations to their itinerary.

South Tour

The south tour excursions take you to Timanfaya National Park to see the extensive lava fields formed by the 17th and 18th centuries eruptions. In the heart of Montanas del Fuego (The fire mountains) we show you the geothermal experiments demonstrating the power of the heat below the surface (410 degrees at 30 feet), and you can walk into the oven where all food is cooked from natural heat. The crater route takes us around the best scenery in the park showing spectacular lava flows of different textures and colours. At the Camel Park you will have the possibility to ride one of these interesting animals around the base of the Fire Mountains. Great fun for all ages. Or just take it easy and simply use this stop as a photo opportunity. At El Golfo you can see El Charco de los Clicos, the green lagoon. The bay itself has a stunning cliff edge. It is here where Olivin, the beautiful semi-precious green stone, has been found in the rocks. The rugged coastline of Los Hervideros leads us to the salt pans of Janubio. At this scientific place of interest you will lean of the importance of salt extraction in the island’s history. Lunch in a picturesque, typical Lanzarote village is followed by a journey through the unusual vineyards of La Geria, with a stop for some wine tasting.

Short South Tour

At the Camel Park, you will have the possibility to ride one of these interesting animals around at the base of The Fire Mountains. Great fun for all ages. Or just take it easy and simply use this stop as a photo opportunity. Then we continue into the heart of the NATIONAL PARK OF TIMANFAYA, where you’ll see most of the 300 craters and volcanoes that this island has. If you ever have wondered what’s inside a volcano, you’ll be able to look down into several of them here! After such a hot experience, a glass of wine or two is probably the best we can offer you! We’ll take you to LA GERIA, the wine district of Lanzarote where you can have a refreshing wine tasting moment!

North Tour

A complete contrast to the south. Passing through Teguise the old capital, we arrive at the highest point on the island, Penas del Chache (671m). From this viewpoint, there are fabulous views of the northeast coastline and Haria, where you also can enjoy the Valley of the Thousand Palm trees. The Guinate Tropical Park, situated in the northwest of the island, is home to many tropical birds from all over the world. The parrot show is entertaining for both adults and children. The viewpoint of ” Guinate looks out onto the Chinijo Islands of La Graciosa, Montana Clara and Alegranza. A tasty lunch is enjoyed in a small fishing village.In the Jameos del Agua, the creative genius of Cesar Manrique is everywhere. He has tranformed the lava tunnel and the cave into subterranean walkways, an auditorium and a volcanic museum. We end the day with a visit to the Cesar Manrique Foundation . Here, you have the opportunity to see how the artist adapted five volcanic bubbles into rooms of his house. A collection of his paintings and architectural designs are also exhibited.

Grand Tour

This is a combination of the highlights from the North and south tours. This great day out takes you to the beautiful bay of El Golfo, where the Olivin stone was discovered. You will see the rugged coastline of Los Hervideros and the salt flats of Janubio, where you will learn about the importance of salt extraction in the island’s history. We make our way towards the Timanfaya National Park, home to The Fire Mountains. Here you will see the geothermal experiments, demonstrating the immense power of the heat just below the surface. You will have time to visit the natural oven where food is cooked by Mother Nature, before the coach takes you on the magnificent crater tour with the best views of the lava fields. A tasty, three-course lunch is enjoyed in a typical canarian village before journeying through La Geria, home to the most unusual vineyards in the world. You will learn of the history and process of the wine-making with the opportunity to taste the wines. Passing Monumento al Campesino at the centre of the island, we head northbound by driving through Teguise, III the ancient capital of Lanzarote, before we arrive close to the highest peak of the island, Penas del Chache (671 m). From this viewpoint, you will be able to take photos of the northeastern coastline and Haria, home to The Valley of the Thousand Palm trees. Through the winding roads we make our way to The Guinate viewpoint, overlooking the Chinijo Islands, Alegranza, Montana Clara and La Graciosa. Our visit to Jameos del Agua is a great end to the day. Here, the gifted Cesar Manrique has left his mark. Enchanting subterranean gardens and the magnificent auditorium are examples of the artist’s great artistic talent. Jameos del Ague is also the home to the blind albino crab. Don’t forget to look around the Volcanic museum, dedicated to volcanology studies. You will be back at your pick-up points at around 6.30pm. PLEASE NOTE: NO CAMEL RIDE on this excursion, but we do stop for you to, photograph the camels.

Following Cesar

A full day dedicated to the work of the late, great, multi talented man who has left his mark all over Lanzarote. We begin at the monument, “Al Campesino”, in the centre of the island. Manrique designed this in honor of the farmer’s hard work today and in centuries past. Haria, in the north is where Manrique spent the last years of his life. After a stroll around Haria we head north to the Mirador del Rio (480m). This spectacular viewpoint carved into the cliff-edge and recreated by Manrique, was once an old artillery post ‘Bateria del Rio’. From here, we look down onto the Chinijo Islands. A tasty three-course lunch is enjoyed in a typical fishing village on the northeast coast. After lunch you have the choice of visiting either the Green Caves or the Jameos del Agua, both part of the 7 kilometres long lava tunnel from Volcan de la Corona. The Green Caves, (Las Cuevas de los Verdes), where the people used to hide from pirates and slave hunters, have beautiful lighting designed by Jesus Soto, and, of course, the great optical illusion. The Jameos del Ague, home to the blind albino crab have subterranean pathways in a cave, an auditorium and a volcanic museum, a scientific centre dedicated to volcanology studies. The Cactus Garden, designed on the site of ancient lava ash, has concentric terraces of cacti from Africa, America and the Canary Islands. This was the last of the cultural centres opened by Manrique (1990) . To round off the day we visit the Cesar Manrique Foundation where the artist created his living space within five volcanic bubbles created in the 18th century eruptions. In the foundation is a collection of Manrique’s paintings and architectural designs.

Cesar Manrique Foundation

An opportunity to visit and explore the home of Lanzarote’s prodigal son, Cesar Manrique. Designed and built within five giant air bubbles beneath the lava crust the Cesar Manrique Foundation is now home to many valuable works of art(including other artists). Explore at your own leisure the interior of the house with its beautiful subterranean garden and miniature blue lagoon.

Jameos del Agua

Cesar Manriques stunning creation where he transformed part of the worlds longest lava tube into a subterranean paradise. Home to the rare species of blind albino crabs and the beautiful blue lagoon.

Cueva de los Verdes

Translated as the Green Caves, where many years ago the local would hide from the pirates and slave hunters within the lava tubes, have been transformed for you to walk through whilst enjoying the beautiful lighting designed by Jesus Soto and climaxing with the great Secret of Lanzarote!

Volcanic Grill

From Pto. del Carmen we will drive through Macher, Uga, Yaiza and on to the National Park Timanfaya Fire mountains), Where you will be shown the experiments of this historical volcano and the intensity of the heat which still penetrates from below the surface. You are then taken around the route of the volcanos to actually see foryourself the culpritwhich caused the destruction of Timanfaya,After this wonderful experience you will be shown the open grill area where the food is cooked (all natural heat from underground).Whilst you are wining and dining you will actually see the most glorious sight of the sun setting in Lanzarote, making this a very romantic evening for all to remember.Our hope is that you have a wonderful night to remember.
Entrance to the Timanfaya National Park
Experienced English speaking guide
Modern bus with air conditioning

Volcano Express

Once everyone is on board for this afternoon trip we head directly to the stunning Lanzarote Timanfaya National Park. Here you will have the chance to see the geothermal experiments, the restaurant where the food is cooked in a natural oven with heat of a volcano. On the crater route you will get in contact with the most impressive scenery you have never seen, with spectacular lava flows and moonscapes before we return back to your pick up point.


To begin the day, you will have time to browse around the lovely resort of Playa Blanca. The ferry takes just 30 minutes to reach Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura. This island, twice the size of Lanzarote, has a unique charm. You will see lots of rustic villages on your journey. After enjoying a tasty, three -course lunch, the winding road leads us to Betancuria, the ancient capital, named after the conqueror, Jean de Bethancourt. Continuing along the mountain roads we stop at a panoramic viewpoint. Its here where the many chipmonks living in the area come out to see us. Pajara, the richest village in Spain is famous for its church with two aisles, La Virgen de Regla. The town’s dry river bed has bouganvilla of many beautiful colours lining its banks. An ideal place to take an afternoon coffee. On our return journey back to Corralejo we pass by the current capital, Puerto del Rosario. We make a short stop at the sand dunes of Corralejo where you can have a walk around and take photos. We board the 6 o’clock ferry getting us back to Playa Blanca at approx. 6.30pm.


If you are looking for a unique experience with unforgettable memories, a day on Graciosa is highly recommended. At a tiny 29Km’, the overwhelming sense of tranquility combined with the natural beauty of Graciosa is second to none throughout the Canary Islands. Relax in the port or explore the islands stunning beaches, the day is yours. The Coach will collect from the designated pick up points and then head for the far north port of Orzola. Here we board the ferry and set sail for Graciosa. Crossing time is 20-30 minutes. Once in Graciosia you day is yours to spend, possibilities include bike hire, 4 x 4 taxis, snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming. For the return to trip to Orzola, we board the boat. Once back in Lanzarote you coach will take you back to your pick points.

Teguise Market

Teguise is the old capital of Lanzarote and the venue of the Sunday market. Also known as “la Villa” the town has a unique charm. Many of its buildings are dating back to the 17th century displaying the beautiful carvings in wood and stone around the doors and windows. Don’t forget get your camera! Every Sunday, locals and tourists alike visit the town to try their skills at bartering. Many different stalls line the old, cobbled streets with all sorts of goods including clothes, shoes, ceramics, handbags, paintings, toys and many other crafts. Don’t forget to haggle!!! All of the shops and bars are open too!! In the centre of the town, the church square, two groups of musicians entertain everyone throughout the morning with panpipe music and folklore dancing. You will have approximately 3 hours in the market before returning to your pick-up points in the early afternoon.

Playa Blanca Market

A great day out for all the family without the stress of finding your own way there and back! Join us for a day the south of Lanzarote. We’ll take you to the southern holiday resort of Playa Blanca. Here we will leave you for day where you will have time to visit the popular Market held each week. Lots of stalls to choose from ranging from handmade local crafts to wooden croaking frogs! Afterwards take a walk around the beautiful Rubicon Marina admiring the fantastic yachts and designer shops. Later we drive over to the centre of Playa Blanca where you stroll along the Playa Dorada beach, swim or take part other beach activities! For lunch you’ll have lots of restaurants to choose from, or simply have a picnic lunch right there on the beach. We are leaving Playa Blanca for your pick-up points at around 3:00 pm. The day is yours to spend as you please…..!


Sail with the amazing crew onboard the Catlanza Catamaran to the stunning Papagayo beaches.
Swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters, enjoy an exhilarating jet ski ride, or just simply relax and unwind on one of the beautiful Catlanza catamarans.

Submarine Safaris

Climb aboard one of our Sub Fun submarines, one of todays most sophisticated hi-tech tourist submarines operating in the world today. Experience a dive onboard a real submarine which will take you over 30m (100ft) below the unexplored waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
The actual dive will take approximately one hour which includes boarding and disembarking the submarine. Each dive has a tour guide onboard who will give a comprehensive explanation about the dive and submarine. Do not forget your cameras to record this amazing event.
Onboard the submarine you will be allocated your personal seat, right in front of our large viewing ports (80cm/32”), ensuring total viewing pleasure to the outside underwater world. Each view port has its own TV monitor giving you alternative viewing angles, along with a digital display panel giving continuous information about the submarine

Jeep Safari

For the more adventurous amongst you, this is a day of thrills and spills, off road! The convoy will take you off the beaten track and see things that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to see. It’s fun and a great way of exploring the island. Up in the hills and down in the valleys, the drivers and guides are sure to make this a day you will enjoy.
Lunch and a drink is prepared by the jeep crew and after it’s away you go, down to one of the beautiful beaches to cool off and wash away the dust.
Join us and you won’t be disappointed!

Camel Safari

!Only for guests staying in Costa Teguise & Puerto del Carmen! Want a new experience whilst still soaking up the sun? Then we have the ideal solution for you and your family on this short and certainly entertaining excursion. We will bring you on a safe and funny “Camel ride” in an area of the Lanzarote Timanfaya National Park reserved exclusively for the camels. During aproximately 25 minutes you will have the chance to see one of the volcanic craters, while you are riding one of these unique animals!

The information contained above is accurate at the time of uploading should ammendments need to take place, then this will be carried out on the next upload.

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